Strictly Kizomba


Mikumba (UK)

Mikumba (UK)has been teaching Kizomba for 4 years and has taught independantly in all the major London clubs and been actively promoting Kizomba around the world including Italy, Spain, Africa and Australia. He is widely recognised for his flair, passion and knowhow for the art of Kizomba.

 Mikumba (UK) is the CEO of MYB Kizomba Wednesdays where you can find him every Wednesday at the Angel Community Centre in Edmonton from 8pm established in January 2012.

 Mikumba has a wealth of experience derived by major influences in Angola, Gineau Bissau, Cape Verde and the UK.  He has developed a robust system that is “free of distortion” whilst maintaining the authentic Kizomba style.

In short “You’re in Good hands”…

 Mikumba teaches Beginners through to the Intermediate level making class fun whilst learning advanced steps adding value to your dance.

 Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from him…. your in for a treat….