Donny & Nathalie

Donny & Nathalie

dudiBorn in Cameroon, West Africa, but grew up in France. Keen in exploring his African heritage, he practiced various African dances for 10 years!
It’s upon arriving in the UK that he fell into Kizomba, becoming a fixture of London’s busy floors!
Donny is proud of having won the UK Kizomba Competition 2011 (amateur), 2012 (professional) and honored to be representing the UK at the International Championship of Kizomba in Lisbon!.
Donny is now an up and coming teacher and performer in the UK .


He has taught and performed for Studio Afro Latino ,

Kizomba uk events and also at EL GRANDE (London), Cardiff Kizomba / Salsa Party (Wales), Grand African Ball (France), Paris Swimming Festival,
BATUKE festival 2011 and teaches regularly for different events in the UK.

Passionate about dance since childhood Nathalie was born in Paris with Caribbean parents. Trained in ballet for 10 years, she’s always been dancing various Afro-Caribbean dances, particularly Zouk.
Moving to the UK in 2008, Nathalie started learning Kizomba ever since.
Her progresses were impressive throughout these past months, and can explain her high level and amazing performance, full of energy, passion, grace and sensuality given at the Kizomba UK Championship.
Nathalie was happy to win the UK Kizomba Competition 2011 (amateur), 2012 (professional) and proud to represent the UK at the International Championship of Kizomba in Lisbon.

As the rising star of Kizomba in the UK, Nathalie has performed in different events in the UK and France such as Cardiff Kizomba / Salsa Party (Wales), El Grande (London) and Grand African Ball (France)
and has now found another way to pass on her talent by teaching.


MIBAdorée is gearing up to be music and dance next big thing. A uniquely gifted performer and commanding stage presence, this prodigiously talented girl from Tulsa, Oklahoma has
developed into a full-fledged, world-class performer. Captivating audiences with a confident yet heartfelt delivery of smoky, honey-voiced tones and bittersweet melodies along with her
creative confident dance moves, Adorée shows herself ripe for discovery as a great international lady of song and dance.
Adorée took to the national stage and dazzled the judges of American Idol, she had served as a lead vocalist at Penn State’s United Soul Ensemble, west african dance member of Nommo at
Penn State Univeristy, toured the country with the popular hip hop ensemble Liberation, and enrolled in Howard University’s prestigious Master Program for the School of Music, alumni of
which include legends Jessye Norman, Roberta Flack and Donnie Hathaway.

Ever intent on widening her artistic horizon and popular appeal, Adorée is now embarking on a new journey as she recently begin singing Kizomba music and has recorded two singles that
embrace the sounds of the Euro-underground scene, integrating pulsing beats and influences from electronica, techno, and dubstep with visionary producer, Akira Charles. Adorée is also
dancing professionally, such as, Kizomba, Semba, AfroHouse, and Cuban dances. Adorée also has experience in dances such as West African Tribal, Bachata and Cuban Salsa. Adorée
believes that in life you must always take risks when striving towards your goal. Adorée welcomes your support on the latest lap in a remarkable success story.

“Music and dance are everything to me!”

– Adorée